The New Shaman

is an intensive course of study that strengthens your connection to Source and empowers you with skills for the path of the spiritual warrior and healer.  Our robust curriculum draws from indigenous and modern traditions with powerful solutions for the world today. 

Classes incorporate Contemporary Shamanism, High Egyptian Alchemy, Kalahari Shaking Medicine, Seiki Jutsu, The Work of Byron Katie, Sound Healing, Vajrayana Buddhism, BönShamanism, and more.  Class format is highly experiential and personal. 

The New Shaman teaches you to open and maintain a strong connection to your Celestial Soul, and to draw on that connection for vibrant health, positive relationships, and personal and global healing. 

If you are already a healer, get ready for a quantum leap that will amaze you and your clients! 

Wisdom and Healing for a Changing World

  • 2015 Training Schedule:
    Level One: Initiate

    Level Two: Apprentice

    Level Three: Shaman

... called?

Some are called through dreams and visions.  Some through spiritual crisis.  Some simply feel a quiet knowing as an evolutionary seed ripens -- compelling them forward on their path.  Earth is going through an evolutionary ascent into higher vibratory realms of expression.  You have the opportunity to participate in the planetary healing process.

"The greatest gift of all is an awakened, unconstrained, limitless heart."

-Dr. Bradford Keeney (from Dancing with the Kalahari Bushmen)

Troy Marsh and Shari Philpott-Marsh

January 24-25       

February 21-22       

March 21-22

September 19-20

October 17-18

November 14-15

May 16-17

June 20-21

July 18-19

Are you...

  • Longing to connect more deeply to Spirit?
  • Wondering how to serve the planet and other people?
  • Seeking to deepen your intuition & heal yourself and others?

March, 2014

Ready to take control of your destiny?

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Special Event in Salt Lake City:

Energy Self-Mastery
Boot Camp for Healers and Empaths

With Shari Philpott-Marsh

Do you pick up other people’s moods and energies?
Do you avoid certain people or situations because they drain you?


Tuesday evenings, October 7-November 11

New Shaman Class of 2014