New Shaman

is an intensive course of study that prepares you to do 1-1 healing sessions with friends, family and clients.  Strengthen your connection to Source and be empowered with skills for the path of the spiritual warrior and healer. 

Healing, shamanism and spirituality are inseparable.  New Shaman opens, engages and strengthens your connection to the Divine.  This renewed personal connection with the Sacred is the battery power you will draw upon in your healing practice. 

As you access the true source of healing power, you begin to release personal blocks and patterns holding you back.  Your intuition opens.  In New Shaman training, you will learn shamanic healing approaches from indigenous and modern traditions around the world, including Contemporary Shamanism, Kalahari Shaking Medicine, Seiki Jutsu, The Work of Byron Katie, Sound Healing, Vajrayana Buddhism, and more. 

If you are already a healer, get ready for a quantum leap that will amaze you and your clients! 

Wisdom and Healing for a Changing World

  • 2015 Training Schedule

Troy and Shari are amazing healers and teachers. Their many years of study spills forth from a fountain of wisdom that seemingly
never runs dry.
 As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I can sincerely say that they have taught me new profound new methods of healing that are
life changing in many ways. With love and kindness they demonstrate
what it means to be a true healer.
 I would highly recommend them to anyone considering their services, and I know  from personal experience that their work is changing lives.
Thank you, Troy and Shari, for all that you do!

Andrew G., CHT, Salt Lake City, Utah

Troy Marsh and Shari Philpott-Marsh

January 24-25    

February 21-22     

March 7

March 21-22

April 11-12

May 9-10

June 6

June 20-21

July 18-19

Will you answer the call?

March, 2014

Take control of
your destiny

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New Shaman Class of 2014

Special Event in Sedona, Arizona

Down the Rabbit Hole
A Mystical Journey for Women

April 26-May 2, 2015

  • Feel the earth pulse within you.  Unite with sacred vibration.
  • Clear obstacles standing between you and your true self
  • Open a crystal clear channel between your head and your heart
  • Renew and replenish your soul in a sacred circle of women

Personal photo shoot
Discover your Archetypes
Daily Shamanic Clearings

Shari Philpott-Marsh
Dawni Burton Christensen

Special Event in Salt Lake City

Healing, Shamanism and Ecstatic Spirituality

Saturday, January 3
10 am - 5 pm

Introduction to sacred vibration and shamanic healing. 

$20 in advance.  $25 at the door.  Register here.